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Document management software (DMS) provides a foundation for the computerized management of electronic as well as paper-based documents. Management activities around documents may include the capture, collaboration, creation, editing, control and distribution of scanned and electronic documents.

Document management systems are becoming more important as it becomes increasingly obvious that the paperless office is an ideal that may never be achieved. Instead, the goal is to create a system that can handle paper and electronic documents together.

DMS almost covers all the important functions/factors of any Organization, and provides various other utilities like Internal and External mailing system, task assignments, Appointments/Reminders (with e-mail/SMS alerts), etc.

Document Management system (DMS), helps you manage & organize all your important documents according to various different types (i.e. Depending on the Category of the document).

DMS with its very user friendly architecture helps you run through the document system of your company in a very easy manner, and with its organized Document tree structure it makes the system easy to use (i.e., Adding new Documents, Accessing Documents, Editing/deleting Documents).

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