About DMS
General Highlights
Other Features
Extremely transparent and easy to use
Flexible, customizable (can be optionally configured for Web-enabled access) user interface
Comprehensive Audit Trails, Approvals
Optimized Searches
Unlimited scalability (from desktop or network Client-Server versions, to the ultimate size, Web-based worldwide systems)
Open Architecture and Compatibility with Industry Standards
Store electronic as well as paper documents
Scan documents directly into the application
Drag & drop email messages from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. Drag & drop of attachments in email messages from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Lotus Notes is also supported.
Data Viewer to locate documents by viewing the indexing data in a column format
Query Builder to query and find documents based on specified conditions
Document Finder, locate documents by using their attributes
Control access to documents and data at any or all of the five different security levels - system, database, record, field and document.
Control security and password policies
Assign permissions to individual users or create groups (of users) for permission assignment
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